Roz H. Los Angeles, CA -  5 star rating
I was pleasantly surprised about the reflexology. I thought it would hurt, but it was a perfect foot treatment. Daniel is an outstanding professional who educated me about the benefits of true reflexology and all of its benefits. I struggle with insomnia and have been sleeping better.  And I learned about the various areas of the foot as it relates to parts of our body, as a warning sign to alert us to possible conditions.  Daniel answered all my questions and concerns at the first treatment ,so my anxiety about the process disappeared. I have been going for many weeks and I leave his peaceful office so relaxed and comfortable. I know the school where Daniel received an A+ training/education because it has an excellent reputation.

Ellie M.
Asheville, NC

 [5.0 star rating]

Daniel was wonderful! I came in for a reiki session. I've never done reiki healing of any sort before, so I was a bit concerned it would be weird or uncomfortable, but it wasn't at all! Daniel has a very calming demeanor, and put me at ease right away. I left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the day. Thanks Daniel!!


David S.
Los Angeles, CA

 [5.0 star rating]

Daniel is a very humble, unpretentious, soft spoken and kind man.  Almost instantaneously, his gentle touch produced a positive and harmonizing effect on my nervous system...leading to my mind slowing down to catch up with a significantly calmer center.  No doubt, Daniel is imbued with a tremendous gift in the area of healing, and I am very grateful to experience the benefits of his healing hands (and good-heartedness).  I highly recommend his treatments.

Lucy T.
5 star rating
I have to say Danny is the best massage therapist I have ever had! I go to him for a lymphatic drainage massage and sometimes for just reflexology! He gives the best foot massages!
I know there are women out there that have Pcos, inflammation and irregular aunt flows. When I went in yesterday I was inflamed, cramping and aunt flow was not flowing!  To some people this might be tmi.
When the massage was done I was less inflamed, my boating was gone and the next day aunt flow came into town!  My left foot always swells up and he realized that my lymphatic system is not draining. About a month ago I noticed under my right arm didn't smell to good and guess what after the massage it was gone. What happens is if your bodies circulation is off or your lymphatic system is not draining itself your body gives you clues and you have to listen to your body!
He is a one man show so you have to book   in advance!

.Shyamla R. Simi Valley, CA
9/21/2018- 5 star rating
Its been 2 months i have been going to Danny for reflexology. it has been the best. AFter few sessions i started seeing great positive results in my body. Danny is a very professional and knowlegable person. Found a gem. will continue going to him !!!Thank you Danny for helping me to heal !!!! His reiki is the best too !!!

Your Journey Begins In Your Sole...

Sole Healing Reflexology

Katti A.
Beverly Hills, CA

[5.0 star rating]

I started seeing Daniel couple months ago, with several issues he was able to help me a lot! He is very professional, knowledgeable and nice. I have seen few Reflexologists and none was able to help me like Daniel did, I wish I knew about him before, it would have save me pain and money. I was very skeptic about how Reflexology is good and effective, I found it very helpful with chronic pain, stress and imbalance of hormones.
Thank you Daniel for all you have done for me!


NOTE: At this time, due to the current world health situation, all Reiki sessions will be conducted Distantly. 

Distant Reiki can be as effective, and suprisingly sometimes more so, as in-person Reiki session. even though the recipient is not in the same room, the effects of a distant Reiki session can be as profound as those experienced during an in-person session. 

Distance Reiki works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole.

How can Distant Reiki benefit the client? 

*May promote deep relaxation.

*May promote pain relief.

*May help to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

*May help to relieve symptoms of chronic health problems.

*Can aid in recovery from surgery.

*Can aid in recovery from grief and loss.

*Can stimulate the immune system to detoxify the body.

*May encourage restful sleep.


How does a Distant Session work?

* Client books the appointment , and prepays for the session through the VENMO app.

*Upon receipt of payment, client will be contacted via cellphone text message.

*Session will begin promptly at scheduling time. on the day/time of session, client will   get a text reminder 15 minutes before scheduled appointment.

*Practitioner and client will first discuss any goals the client may have for the session.

*Client will need a quiet, comfortable place to lie or sit down so as not to be disturbed   for the length of the session. 

50 minutes Distant Reiki session $75

 Session fees is non-refundable. 

Opening Hours

Monday thru Thursday 10:00am -5:30pm

call or text to phone number: 818.941.0645